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> In article <thomas.6.305D9211 at alf1.ngate.uni-regensburg.de> thomas at alf1.ngate.uni-regensburg.de (Thomas Zander t3013) writes:
> >Does anyone know a non-complicated book (or simple answers) , where I can find 
> >what the basic differences between the . . . bacteria . . .
> Bergey's Manual of Determinative Bacteriology, 9th ed. (1994) Williams &
> Wilkins, Baltimore (or Munich) ISBN 0-683-00603-7.
> dave boone
IMHO Bergey's does not meet the criteria of non-complicated.  On the
other hand a good college-level microbiology text that does not focus
exclusively on medical micro, such as Brock et al. Biology of
Microorganisms or Atlas Microbiology has a longish chapter with short
outlines of these different groups.  Find the organism you want in the
index.  If that does not satisfy, then go to Bergey's or Balows The
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