Blood or Serum PCR wanted

BCapstone bcapstone at aol.com
Tue Sep 19 17:01:44 EST 1995

A novel organism was found in a patient sent for PCR of prostate tissue
with 16S rRNA primers, in two separate samples.  We are seeking a center
that can do blood or serum PCR on a sample obtained during periods of
fever, chills, and sytemic symptoms.  If anyone knows of a lab that is
already set up to do this technology or is close to being able to do so
please let me know by e-mail or other means.
Brad Hennenfent, MD
680 S. Federal 
Suite 601
Chicago, IL  60605
office 312/554-0629
fax  312/786-9437
e-mail: BCapstone at aol.com

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