Thermal Vent Bacteria

David Thornton DRTHORNT at SCIENCE.uwaterloo.ca
Tue Sep 19 17:06:20 EST 1995

In article <43l2cv$j5c at agate.berkeley.edu>, xxx at yyy.berkeley.edu wrote:
:I'm currently taking an introductory Microbiology course, 
:and the lecture topic this week was on the bacteria found 
:living around deep sea thermal vents.
:Two questions - first, are the bacteria that are found along
:the deep sea vents most closely related to other chemoautotrophic
:species found elsewhere, or are the deepsea bacteria more closely
:related to normal strains of bacteria (ie, non-chemoautotrphic
:Secondly, the professor said that most of these bacteria use the
:Calvin cycle. She did mention that there were some bacteria that
:didn't use the Calvin cycle... what types of bacteria are these?
:And how do they function?
Please let me know if you find anything out about the structure of 
thier DNA. I just learnt about A B and Z structures of DNA. The 
intresting one is the Z structure because it is very hard to find in 
large quantities in living things.  The reason is that it goes against 
the hydrologicall characteristics of the molecule. It turns out that is 
will occur in very saly solutions. I was hinking where on earth is it 
very salty (I mean VERY salty ) and I thought that at the vents at the 
bottom of the ocean water would evaporate and so the salt concentration 
would go up.  WHat do you all think?

David Thornton
drthornt at science.uwaterloo.ca

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