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Eberhard Kniehl 100674.1442 at CompuServe.COM
Mon Sep 18 15:39:49 EST 1995

>>Does anyone know what the basic differences between the 
following bacteria are:
Salmonella typhimurium   (SL),Escherichia coli (EC),Vibrio 
cholerae (VC),Legionella pneumophila (LP),Haemophilus influenzae 
(HI),Erwinia crysanthemi (ER),Azotobacter vinelandii 
(AZ),Shigella flexneri (SH): where and how do they live, are they 
aerob or 
>>anaerob, growth temp., gram +/-, how are they connected in a 
phylogenic tree....
Hi, Thomas, welcome to microbiology and the reds (gram-). 
Information you need you may find in any basic textbook of 
bacteriology available at your university library I suppose 
(except for phylogenic tree which might be a little bit more 
complicated) <g>. Ultimative information on habitat you may find 
in Bergey´s manual (at your university library). What is the 
purpose of your list which seems a little bit strange to a 
medical microbiologist ?
SL,EC,SH (the latter two phylogenetic related) are 
enterobacteriaceae. SL reside in the gastrointestinal tract of 
e.g. mammals and may be found in sewage water as well, and  
therefore in sea food and water birds. SH resides in human 
intestinal tract only and may be spread by sewage water (and 
faeces). EC is part of physiologic flora of the intestinal of 
e.g. mammals and may also be found in sewage water. 

Eberhard Kniehl
Karlsruhe - Germany

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