Diabetes, Hypertension in Africa

Pete Beyer pete at kumc.wpo.ukans.edu
Tue Sep 12 11:02:04 EST 1995

Daniel Ricks <76130.3726 at CompuServe.COM> wrote:
> I am looking into doing some research in chronic diseases in Africa.
> These diseases include Diabetes, Asthma, and Hypertension. I am 
> interested in the types of complications that occur, best methods of
> management, and special problems of dealing with these issues in an 
> underdeveloped impoverished setting in Africa.
> I would be interested in any thoughts of others on things to look 
> and watch out for, on what has been done previously, and on what 
> hope there is for the future in these areas. 

Daniel-- Might read "The Saccharine disease"  by Thomas Lattimer
 Cleave -- Dealt with absence of common chronic diseases in Africa.
Burkitt and Painter also did some stuff on the same topic before they
got so famous for fiber and colonic diseases.  Cleave's book I believe
was first published in the late 50's.


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