David Kafkewitz kafkwtz at ANDROMEDA.RUTGERS.EDU
Tue Sep 12 07:23:06 EST 1995

I am teaching a microbial physiology course after a gap of more then ten
years.  Not surprisingly, there  are entire areas I have lost track of in
the time that has elapsed. One is flagella. A number of questions arose
during class that I could not answer. Help would be appreciated.

1. Flagella grow from the tip with the subunits being transported through
the core. What drives them forward through the tip?  Is metablic energy
expended ?

2. When the direction of rotation is changed is it caused by a reversal of
proton flow through the motor or is there a gearbox type structure ?

3. Are archaen flagella similar to eubacterial and did they have a common
evolutionary origin before the two lines of procaryotes separated, or is it
convergent evolution, or are they different ?

Thanks for indulging my curiosity and ignorance.

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