DAPI stock solution storage

Matthew Bransden mbransde at postoffice.newnham.utas.edu.au
Thu Sep 7 20:32:29 EST 1995

Is it possible (and if it is how) to store (Freeze? Refrigerate?) a 10 x
concenrated stock solution of DAPI used for nucleotide staining.  We added
1ug of DAPI powder to 10ml sterile H2O, and have subsequently frozen this
in 1 ml aliquots.  Is this OK?(-20 degrees).  If it is, or another method
is better, how long does it remain active for?  As well, what are other
peoples methods for the use of it, and are those methods successful.  We
are aiming to use it to detect viable or ghost cells, quantify the results
and compare to other method...total counts using Acr. Orange, etc.

Thankyou in advance, Matthew.

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