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New Articles Available Online

The Biotechnology Industry Organization has an online database of career
materials which features regular new releases by author and consultant
Dave Jensen, of Search Masters International, Sedona, Arizona. 

The current crop of new articles, just released this week, includes the
following titles.

1) Two Interview Essentials - Flexibility and Self-Promotion

Have you interviewed and found yourself wondering how it went at the end
of the day? The worst thing that can happen to you in the job market is if
you lack the flexibility to be open for a number of different directions
that a job interview can take . . . or, if you lack the ability to talk
confidently about your own abilities and success.

2) Oral Presentation Skills 

This article, by Scios Nova¹s Jack Cohen and Dave Jensen of Search
Masters, goes into significant depth about the art of making scientific
presentations. Since 8 out of 10 job interviews for the scientist in
biotechnology will include a seminar request, why not learn more about
what industry views as a ³good presentation.²

3) Your Stay or Leave Equation

It¹s great to be loyal to your laboratory, your mentor, and your
colleagues. You won¹t get far if you don¹t have this ability. However, on
the other hand, there are situations (particularly in industry) where you
must be loyal to yourself first. Here are some real-life scenarios and a
description of what can happen if you lose track of this fact.

4) Job Offer Negotiation Strategies

Do you know how to tell the difference between a ³first offer, best offer²
company and one that wants to negotiate an offer? How do you personally
feel about playing hard-ball negotiation tactics out with a potential new
employer? If you are like most professionals, this is a very uncomfortable
area. Learn what is happening behind the scenes in this interesting

All of the above materials - and about fifty or so additional ones - are
available at no-charge by accessing the Biotechnology Industry
Organization¹s online pages. 

You may use the URL: http://www.bio.com/hr/search/Credentialsheet.html to
access the SMI Home Page, and then backtrack to an index of publications

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