Urgently! about Cephalosporin

John Berens jberens at medmicro.uct.ac.za
Thu Sep 7 00:36:35 EST 1995

g3536468 at mucc.mahidol.ac.th (Nanthanit Chosungnoe - SCMI - 3536468 ) wrote:
> Hello Bionetters,
> 	I would like to use Cephalosporin C to be substrate in my lab,
> but have not been able to find it in Sigma ,Aldrich ,or half a dozen 
> other catalogs.
> 	Can anyone point me to a vendor of this chemical.
> 	*Thank you very much*
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Substrate for what?  Maybe it's known under another name, or
refers to a group of agents.

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