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Martin Latterich latteric at mendel.berkeley.edu
Thu Sep 7 08:33:34 EST 1995

In article <42m35h$g0e at newsbf02.news.aol.com>, dvcco at aol.com (DVCCO) wrote:

>   Real Time 10 & 8 Bit Digital RS-422/RS-170 Analog CCD Mono Cameras
> A San Diego, California based manufacturer of monochrome digital (10 or 8
> bits) and (analog 10 bit video cameras) with S/N of >62dB in real time 30
> frames/ second, with a defect free sensor, upgradable, with dual outputs,
> has a new and informative web site!
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> (((((((( The URL is:      http://www.edt.com/dvc/dvc.html      ))))))))))
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
>  The company can in addition provide complete (plug and play) frame
> grabbers for digital or (analog 10 bit / 1024 gray level PCI bus), Mac
> Nu-bus or, Sun S-bus.   SGI digital D1 output option available, as seen on
> new Hot Mix 11 html SGI CD, along with custom cables, Mac and Sun imaging
> software and tunable electronic filters for mono 400-1100nm range and RGB
> sequential version.  Feel free to e-mail requests directly, stating bus of
> interest, digital or analog video interest, and application.  Signal to
> noise / pixel gray level depth is just as, or more important than just
> spacial resolution!  Is your camera only offering you 7 bits or 50dB S/N
> at best, and a New England snow storm when the gain is turned up a little?
>  Are you facing the expensive, only 8 bit, ticking 7.5 fps slow non-real
> time digital cameras.  Full details on how to choose a CCD camera and
> various frame grabbers listed by bus on the above web site.   Yes, you can
> have a 10 bit analog signal with the advantages of adding  6-9 dB
> addtional gain and still have a solid 8 bit LSB for your 8 bit 256 gray
> level digitizer, without dropping to 7 or 6 bits like the rest, or adding
> 30dB of gain for an estimated sensitivity out to 1x10-4fc@ >50% video. 
> Thank you.  

Dear Madame/Sir,

   may I kindly point out to you that it is generally against BIONET.*
policy to post any commercial ad to the newsgroups. This is also true for
BIONET.MICROBIOLOGY. I am quoting from the FAQ:

    4) ³Do I need permission to post here ?²

    No, anyone is free to post here as long as the post is of scientific
    interest, and as long as it does not represent a commercial ad or flame.

While it is obvious that your product is very relevant for a lot of
scientist, it may have been better just to post the URL to your sites, if
at all.

Thank you for your understanding!


                        Martin Latterich, Ph.D.
                        BIONET.MICROBIOLOGY Discussion Leader
                        latteric at mendel.berkeley.edu

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