Searching for N.J. Dichtl

RTChew rtchew at aol.com
Thu Sep 7 14:42:47 EST 1995

Scientific Utilization, Inc., in Decatur, Alabama, USA, manufactures a
system which greatly improves the efficiency of anaerobic digesters. It is
believed that a major contributor to the operation of the system is the
effect described in Prof. Dichtl's paper. And we at SUI would like very
much to consult with him.

I have written to him at the address given on the paper, "Gesellschaft fur
Klaranlagenausrustung und Energieverwerrung mbH., Krusenkamp 24, D-4390
Gladbeck, FRG," and received no response.

We would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone knowing how we could
contact him.
Randy Chew
Decatur, Alabama

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