Strep bovis

N S Uyeda nsuyeda at aol.com
Tue Sep 5 23:49:35 EST 1995

Can this be a S. bovis--isolated from a blood culture?
One commercial I.D. system called it esculin positive and 98% S. bovis. On
repeat it was esculin negative and 87% Strep viridans, 13% bovis. (pure
Another commercial system without esculin calls it 95% bovis.

Doesn't Strep bovis have to be esculin positive, being a group D? Haven't
been able to demonstrate that yet, but we are trying another medium. Also,
it's a slow growing, very pinpointy, rough colony that sticks to the agar.
Can't find info on typical bovis colonial morphology.

Species is of interest here because S.bovis is associated with colon
Appreciate any opinions.

Susan Uyeda
Santa Cruz, CA

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