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On 5 Sep 1995 kostalj at vscht.cz wrote:

> In article <mgibbons.86.00C0D10D at cc.chiron.com>, mgibbons at cc.chiron.com 
> (Michael Gibbons) writes:
> >Would anybody be able to give me information on reference material about 
> >bioremediation (ie., books, specific newsgroups, etc.)?
> >
> >I would really appreciate it
> I unfortunately do not have the book for any more, so I can not gife full 
> details : its name is Bioremediaton", and it was published in 1995 somewhere in 
> the US. I strongly suggest to read it, it is a really good, practically 
> oriented book.
> Moreover, there is also a n european journal called Biodegradation.
> In both, you also find plenty references.
> Jan Kostal
> E-mail me for more details (I could try to get the book again and tell you 
> more): kostalj at vscht.cz

I studied bioremediation extensively in my final year at Sheffield 
University, it was totally tedious, but my lecturer was very into it. We 
did various aspects of bioremediation and concerntrated on the 
microbiological side of it. I used a book (I think the one mentioned 
above) as well as references from "An Encyclopaedia of Microbiology" an 
obscure (and mostly useless) reference book in 3 or 4 easy to read 
volumes -NOT!! It was quite good for bioremediation, degradation etc. I 
used lots of refernces from TIBS, TIGS, Journal of Microbiology etc, so 
try a literature search using CD ROM or BIDS. If all elae fails you could 
conatct my lecturer Dr. Milton Wainwright (he's a bit dippy but ok!). He 
is probably on e mail or you could write via Dept of Microbiology, 
University of Sheffield, Western Bank, Sheffield, S10. I hope this helps!??

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