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metzler at sara.cc.utu.fi metzler at sara.cc.utu.fi
Tue Sep 5 08:26:40 EST 1995

A European post-graduate interested in working on molecular aspects of plant
pathology is wanted to apply for an EU human training and mobility grant.
We have a terrific project but need a candidate who will soon be finishing
their Ph.D. and who would be willing to apply for one of these E.U.
fellowships. We are in the process of elucidating the hypersensitive response
and HRP (hypersensitive response and pathogenicity) genes for the gram-positive
bacteria which causes potato ring rot. Although HRP genes have been isolated
from gram-negative bacteria and shown to be related to some pathogenicity gene
in animals, they have never before been described for gram-positive pathogens.
We beleive we will have the opportunity to show connections between
pathogenicity factors in gram-positive and gram-negative pathogens, both 
from plants and from animals. 
If you have a background in microbiology, plant pathology, molecular biology
or related fields, and are an EU CITIZEN, and you would like to apply for such
a fellowship, please contact me at the address given below.
M. Metzler
Metzler at sara.cc.utu.fi
Mary C. Metzler,                       |  Internet:  Metzler at Sara.CC.Utu.Fi  
Department of Botany,                  |  
University of Turku,                   |  
Turku, SF-20500                        |  
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