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Does anyone understand this and second, do they agree with it? Please 
e-mail with your opinions. I would really appreciate it. This was 
conjured up one late night after having read reading info on it for a 
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Everything resembles itself

Everything resembles itself. 

I was thinking about the Ebola virus and other viruses a few days ago. Viruses kill off species that try to invade a territory, I believe. Then I thought of the irony in that. 

Just as man's white cells try to "kill off" bad stuff in the system, so does the virus for the earth. A virus might be the earth's protective system, just as hurricanes or tornadoes. A virus learns will learn what to do with "foriegn" species. This is the same with man's white cells. In an opposite view of viruses, viruses actually setup up their own anti-bodies to ward off man or any other trespasser.

This means when, in example, AIDS or the HIV virus mutates, it just finds a faster way of warding off it's violator. Man's white-cells do the same thing. This, in essence, is called sophistication. The virus or white cells just become more sophsticated. 

If man is becoming a bad germ to the earth, by default, the defense system will be activated. When it is activated, it knows what to do. It is the best protector or guard of all on the earth, actually for the earth. It knows where to go and what to attack. It attacks exactly what it is. It knows to tear something apart, the immune system. This is just like man's immune system. Just as man is tearing the earth's immune system where it hides things (in forests), so the virus will attack the white cells, where the secrets of a person are kept.

Being as sophisticated as they are, there are many different types of defenses for the earth. In the same way, the human body has many defenses. Both have defensive and offensive guards. Man's body can protect and harm. The same can be said about the earth. It can protect it's habitants, but can also harm them.

Man is now more enlightened to save the smaller things because of the past harm done tp some. Man has 
destroyed species with its offensive guards. This may be for three reasons. One, man needs something. Two, it's in the "way". Three, it's become too populated. Now it's defending those same kind of things. For example, man knows it doesn't have to harm whales anymore, due to the fact, that (1) they don't have any resources that we require, (2) they don't bother us, (3) it's not in great numbers. So now in most places, whales are protected.

Earth has been protecting mankind for a very long time. It enables man to have a place to stay and things to feed on. It has been using its defensive guard. There have been subtle "offenses," i.e. natural disasters, viruses, droughts. When the earth feels it's having to be on the defense, it has to take offensive measures. Natural reaction. Same as the white cells. Some bad things, attack. If the earth feels that too much is here, it can eliminate some. That could be the obvious  reason for the truth behind viruses thriving in heavy populated areas. The earth wants to be able to get rid of a lot of things quickly. AIDS is a more spread virus for the fact that earth might want to clear ways around itself.

The earth does not need us, we need it. It can thrive without this species.END -- Cut Here -- cut here

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