Spoilage of dried milk powder

Roger Collin collinr at agresearch.cri.nz
Fri Sep 1 10:59:54 EST 1995

We have a problem with spoilage of milk powder in unopened cans.  This may be 
due to enyzmatic degradation of the milk powder over time and in high 
temperatures.  However it could also be the result of microbial spoilage.  The 
problem with this scenario it that the microbe involved would have to be very
resistent to heat and also grow under conditions of extremely low water 
activity.  Probably the most likely candidate would be a thermotolerant or 
thermophilic fungi of some sort.  If anyone has any suggestions for microbes 
which could be responsible or knows of any work on this problem could you 
contact me.  Email address: collinr at agresearch.cri.nz

R. G. Collin
New Zealand

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