Helicobacter and Cancer

Shan Putnam sputnam at tfb.com
Mon Oct 30 22:38:30 EST 1995

David, Shadick wrote:
> Another theory is the constant irritation to gastric mucosa may lead to neoplastic changes
> Just a theory I read

I talked to our local immunopathologist about this very 
issue.  He noted that the H. pylori are primary associated
with the mucosa, not the underlying cells.  So speculating,
the H.pylori either 1) produce some extracellular protein that
affects the mucosa or 2) some type of change in the mucosa
selects for the H. pylori colonization.  I know this doesn't
address the CA, but it seems to favor that maybe a CA-type 
change in the cells causes an increase in the viable colonization
of the mucosa. We couldn't really come up with anything solid.


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