Helicobacter and Cancer

John Cherwonogrodzky jcherwon at dres.dnd.ca
Tue Oct 31 16:12:41 EST 1995

Dear Tom C.
     Some 15 years ago, there was extra cash for the Cancer Fund due to the 
Terry Fox run. There was a call for cancer-related topics and I proposed one 
based on the Azotobacter-crown gall model in which just like viral genes can 
cause cancer, so might bacterial genes, especially for cells lyzed by immune 
defences or surfactants (soaps?). I should have save the letter that they sent 
in reply. Basically they were not interested in new ideas even though they had 
asked. Actually the idea was probably undoable at the time. Nowadays there has 
been some good work on papilloma virus in cancer genomes as detected by PCR. 
Perhaps PCR could also detect bacterial genes in cancer cell genomes. Perhaps 
the latter could be a small number of cancers that could be treated with 
     Take care...John

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