Ethel86 ethel86 at aol.com
Mon Oct 30 14:54:55 EST 1995

    My name is Neil Canavan, a fourth year biology student here at the
Bera Institute (aka Brooklyn College) where graduation casts it's long
over a chilly playground.
    So, to the point.  I would like to work in bioremediation.  However,
since the term is so broad, i don't know what direction to take when
a specific discipline.  Recent patents have involved a battalion of
diversification;  from geneticists, to microbiologists, to
biochemists.....right on down the line.  How can anyone know what future
needs will be?
    The second problem is tracking those doing the actual contracted work.
The only company I am currently aware of is Phytotech, out in Jersey, and
(Burt Ensley) is using macrophytes on soil contamination.  No doubt this
is collecting botanists.  So, you see, the possibilities are too vast for
little brain to sift.
    What I need are suggestions, ranging from stern advice, to wild
conjecture about where I could look, who I could talk to, and what I may
consider when commiting to the death spiral called Graduate School.  

                                                          with hat in
                                                          Neil Canavan

Please note that "tune in, turn on and drop out"  is no longer
considered a valid response.

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