Discussion questions for Micro/Molecular Gurus

abc 123 henryl at wolfenet.com
Sun Oct 29 00:36:08 EST 1995

For all those microbiology and molecular biology gurus out there.  I am a 
student who has been given some questions that i need answered for a 
project that i am working on.  I would appreciate any responses and 
comments.  Please feel free to e-mail me your responses. Thanks in advance!

Ok, well the first thing i am trying to research and discuss about is, 
Why the catabolism of glucose in the presence of external electron 
acceptors is more energeticically favorable than fermentation.  If 
possible, include terms of energy yeild, the redox calculations and 
reduction potentials between these two pathways of glucose catabolism.

Please do not limit your responses.  I'd appreciate as much input as 
possible!  Thanks again!

I'll post my other discussion questions when i come across them.

e-mail address:
henryl at gonzo.wolfenet.com

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