Helicobacter and Cancer

David David
Fri Oct 27 01:02:17 EST 1995

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>  +Does anyone know the mechnanism(s) implicated in Helicobacter 
>  +sp. causing certain types of cancers (I think certain 
>  +lymphomas).
>  +
>  +I know that you can see the spirochete on pathological staining, 
>  +but I haven't found a good explanation of the cancer-causing 
>  +mechanism(s).
>  +
>  +Thanks
>  +Shan
>  One possible model is the die off\replacement of host cells. Ya know.....the 
>  more replacement, the higher the probability of genetric damage. This of 
>  course does not consider the affects of toxins produced.
>  just a model
>  regards
>  tom c.
Another theory is the constant irritation to gastric mucosa may lead to neoplastic changes

Just a theory I read

David Shadick

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