iodine vapor for glycogen screen

N. Kent Peters kent at ibg.uit.no
Fri Oct 27 06:50:54 EST 1995

I wish to screen bacterial colonies on a petri plate for glycogen 
synthesis.  I have a refernece that used a "iodine vapor" method.  The 
method is referenced.  However, the referenced article does not have the 
method, but does reference another article.  I am now three levels deep 
in recursion and our library here above the artic circle does not have 
the nexted referenced article.  If anyone has a method for using iodine 
vapor for staining glycogen I would appreciate hearing from you.  Also 
if anyone would be so kind as to see if J. Bacteriol. 97:970-972 
actually has the method described I would appreciate knowing before I 
have our library request the article.

Kent Peters
University of Tromsoe

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