virtual microbiology

Fri Oct 27 07:29:14 EST 1995


I am spinning some WEB here at ASU and when I'm done with zoo and bot
I will be doing the micro pages which are the reason I volunteered to 
do the pages. My thought was to put up an interactive set of pages - 
like a study guide - which would include virtual lab excercises.  while
I agree the art of digital - hands on - manipulation of techniques is
tantamount to sucess for new mic students, the art of imitation is a 
tool of sorts leading to that success - picture worth a thousand....-
Micro is a do it science but having been there seen that a student may
be better able to apply processes and more apt to produce good results
having seen the right way and the results it produced.  Not only that 
but being able to view it again and again - computers have plenty of 
time where as a prof or ta is limited, even to extra classroom time - the
student can pick up tidbits he/she may have missed in practical application.
I do have some sights I have found that may help, also I will gladly lend
some of the creations I come up with... I don't have the urls with me here
but will note your address and send them to you... if I don't lose your 
address - I'm good at that - .  If you don't hear from me in a few days
please write back.  I'm responding to a response to you so I had to 
physically write out the address in the reply and may have it wrong... so
you may not get this - I try my best but sometimes I mess up -.

don't give up because a few may say it won't fly - they told the wright 
brothers the same thing ;-)

bye for now - Mike 
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