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Candace Krepel ckrepel at post.its.mcw.edu
Wed Oct 25 08:28:24 EST 1995

Doug Rice (DRice at drice.ehs.colostate.edu) wrote:
: the '90's, I am concerned that many of the fine artistic points of 
: microbiology could not be met in a virtual world.  I have taught hundreds of 
: students the basic lab skills in microbiology.  One of the most difficult 
: tasks is the streaking of a plate for isolation.  I'm not sure this could be 
: learned with tactile gloves and a virtual loop.  Good luck with your project.  
: Please don't forget the "art".  The skill and element of uncertainty is why we 
: (microbiologists) are not chemists!!

And please don't forget the finely tuned eye that needs to be developed to
be able to discern different colony types by color, size, shape, texture,
light reflective ability, etc. Hard to simulate that in a medium that offers
photographs in marvelous shades of pink and grey. ;*)

Candy Krepel
Surgical Microbiology Research Lab, Medical College of Wisconsin

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