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In article <1995Oct24.015103.6342 at relay.acadiau.ca> Alanna MacGregor <001262m at axe.acadiau.ca> writes:

>I am working on a project to create a virtual classroom/laboratory
>in microbiology.  I am having trouble in finding sites with 
>graphics/tutorials etc. that could be used as replacements for labs.  If 
>anyone knows of programs or WWW sites with this information, could you 
>please let me know....Thanks

While I commend you on a project that is intended to bring our science into 
the '90's, I am concerned that many of the fine artistic points of 
microbiology could not be met in a virtual world.  I have taught hundreds of 
students the basic lab skills in microbiology.  One of the most difficult 
tasks is the streaking of a plate for isolation.  I'm not sure this could be 
learned with tactile gloves and a virtual loop.  Good luck with your project.  
Please don't forget the "art".  The skill and element of uncertainty is why we 
(microbiologists) are not chemists!!
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