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>>Anybody know what antimicrobials I might use to inhibit gram negatives
>>in soil while leaving the gram positives totally unaffected?  Normal...
>Although I have already sent an answer directly to Mr. Fuller, I have been 
>surprised (and disappointed) that no one yet has mentioned the monobactams, 
>developed for use as antimicrobial agents with specific inhibitory activity 
>against Gram-negative organisms.  These were described as "magic bullets" 
>against Gram-negatives when they were first disclosed in the early 1980s.

Could you please suggest some references as to the use of manobactams on
gram negative bacteria. Thank you.

Kah Tong, Seow
Univ of British Columbia

Kah Tong, Seow
West East Centre for Microbial Diversity
University of British Columbia

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