def media turn yellow

Trond Moretro trond.moretro at nlh10.nlh.no
Mon Oct 23 08:10:17 EST 1995

I am working with defined medium for Lactobacillus sp. Fresh medium is=20
colourless. But when incubated and specially at 30 degrees celsius it turn=
yellow. The medium contains 20 amino acids, 4 bases, magnesiumsulfate,=20
mangansulfate, potassium acetate, sodiumcitrate, ammoniumchloride
potassiumdihydrogenphosphate, thioglycollate, tween 80, glucose, MES=20
(buffer) and 10 vitamins (p-aminobenzoic,B12,biotin, pantenoic, folic,=20
niacin, pyridoxal,riboflavin, thiamin HCl, ascorbic acid)

Iron is not added to the medium.

The pH is 6.5.=20

Why do medium turn yellow???. Can anyone help me with this problem??.=
Trond M=F8retr=F8,
MATFORSK, Norwegian Food Research Institute, Oslov. 1,1430 =C5s, Norway
tel: 64970216 (office)    64970229 (lab.)

E. Mail: Trond.Moretro at matforsk.nlh.no

Forever Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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