pathogenic species?

Shannon Seney sseney at uoguelph.ca
Sun Oct 22 18:41:18 EST 1995


All the species you mentioned have the potential to be pathogens - just 
give them the right conditions and they will take advantage. 
One species of Streptococcus is responsible for the so-called "flesh-eating 
Are you sure you have a species of Veillonella? It is an obligate 
anaerobe and I don't believe it can tolerate oxygen AT ALL. 
Staphylococcus is found all over the place.  Some species (esp. S. 
aureas) are responsible for food poisoning as they produce enterotoxins.

Anyway I hope this helps - maybe it will give you a start anyway. 

Good luck!!

University of Guelph
Microbiology Major
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