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MyPhuong Thi Le  <lemt at whitman.edu> wrote:
>I was wondering if anyone could tell me the name of the disease that ate 
>through human flesh.  There was a very small outbreak of it last summer 
>in the Pacific Northwest of U.S.A.  It was some kind of strept throat.
>Thank you,

I think you've concatenated two incidents.  There was an outbreak of food 
poisoning in the US Pacific Northwest caused by undercooked hamburgers.  
The bacteria involved was a form of E. Coli and it didn't eat flesh, it 
just killed the people.  There was a weird incidence of a streptococcus 
bacteria in the UK which did indeed eat some poor guy's face, according 
to the reports I read.  
  Stay tuned for further untreatable bacterial diseases as Mother Earth's 
immune system works to rid her of the plague of human overpopulation.

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                                         a very large community of
                                         protozoans who, working together,
                                         can ride a bicycle.  A lesson in
                                         cooperation for all of us. 

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