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Subject: Re: Anyone familiar with Ochrobactrum?

Sorry for miswriting:
I am writing about phylogenetic relatives of Ochrobactrum.

Bjorn Osterman

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Subject: Re: Anyone familiar with Ochrobactrum?
Author:  Bj|rn Osterman at alinks
Date:    1995-10-18 10.11

Ochrobactrum anthropi (formerly called CDC group Vd) is described 
and characterized by Holmes et al. in 1988, International Journal 
of Systematic Bacteriology, 38:406-416.
Ochrobactrum anthropi is phylogenetically closely related to 
members of genus Brucella, belonging to the alpha-2 subdivision 
of Proteobacteria. Ochrobactrum anthropi is placed on what is 
called the Brucella rRNA branch of the rRNA superfamily IV, with 
its closest neighbours Brucella, Phyllobacterium, Agrobacterium, 
Rhizobium, Mycoplana.

Ochrobactrum anthropi has been given its species name anthropi 
(of a human being), because at the time of characterization all 
strains "thus far recovered" were from human clinical specimens. 
As far as I know there has been no addition to this statement 
since then (1988). 

Perhaps this is the reason why the used identification system in 
this specific case delivers a result of similarities below 
significance, regarding the described unknown soil isolate. 
Furthermore 16S rRNA gene sequencing does pose a problem when 
phylogenetic relatives are investigated. The resolution capacity 
of this analysis technique is not good enough. Concerning the 
described unknown soil isolate, I believe it is wise to look upon 
these phylogenetic relatives of Ochrobactrum, and perhaps there 
you will find the identification answer you are looking for.

Bjorn Osterman

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