Ag and Cu ions/disinfection

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> I am interested in obtaining information about the effectiveness of sivler and
> copper ions against bacteria and fungi.  Also, are such ions toxic < if so at
> what level > to human if consumed regularly through the drinking water supply?
A commercial company, LiquiTech, Inc., has a patented process using silver
and copper ions for eradication of Legionella from the water distribution
systems of buildings and especially medical facilities.  The address is:

Liquitech, Inc.
649 Executive Drive
Willowbrook, Illinois  60521, USA
Phone:  800-635-7873
FAX:  708-655-0370

Check the following article:  Zeming, Liu, et al.  1994.  Controlled
evaluation of copper-silver ionization in eradicating Legionella
pneumophila from a hospital water distribution system.  J. Infect. Dis.

William Buesching
Ohio State University Medical Center
Columbus, OH

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