gas analysis

Mary Weiss weiss at dnax.org
Tue Oct 17 10:45:51 EST 1995

Shenaz recently wrote
<We've recently purchased a gas chromatograph and want to place an 
<order for the columns. From the literature, there appears to be a 
<number of different types of columns all being used for the same 
<analyses. We've set up lysimeters containing household waste and 
<sewage sludge. The gases we want to check for are methane, carbon 
<dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, nitrous oxide and hydrogen. Can anyone 
<suggest suitable columns for their detection.

Find a Supelco catalog or call them and get one(800-247-6628).  Depending on
what kind of detector you have they have an applications guide that will help
you get the right column and they show sample chromatograms.  Hopefully you
have a TC detector because that is what is usually used for gas analysis.  I
used to do analysis on some of those gasses a long time ago and that is the
detector we used.  You can also get technical information from Supelco at
(800-359-3041).  They are the biggest supplier I know of.

Good luck


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