pcr and tetanus toxin

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Tue Oct 17 19:09:20 EST 1995


>One could use a PCR-EIA hybrid assay to detect small quants of
>tetanus toxin, that prob would work; assuming one had sometype
>of mono / polyclonal anti-tetanus.

Grin...not so seriously,

      Since PCR or the idea of PCR relies heavily on massive
amplification of the target sequence , you would have to come up with
a method to do the same with proteins, in order to make detection
easier. The good thing about DNA or RNA is that with the use of a
polymerase  or transcriptase you can make a copy of the target
sequence...the bad thing about proteins (grin as far as I know) is
that there is no natural system for duplicating a protein without
going through translation.
--Rover The Mad Molecular Biologist

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