pcr and tetanus toxin

Shan Putnam sputnam at tfb.com
Mon Oct 16 14:28:48 EST 1995

Walter Ogston wrote:
> Ellen Bolte (ellenaut at aol.com) writes:
> > I am looking for information on detecting tetanus toxin by PCR.
> >
> I think you are under a misapprehension here.  PCR is capable
> of detecting nucleic acids, not proteins like tetanus toxin.
> You could detect DNA sequences specific to C. botulinum perhaps,
> but it is possible that the toxin would persist after the DNA is
> gone.

Unless you can develop a PCR-like assay for proteins. 
In-vitro amplification of amino-acid sequences.  Perhaps
that could win you a 'Nobel Prize.'


One could use a PCR-EIA hybrid assay to detect small quants of
tetanus toxin, that prob would work; assuming one had sometype
of mono / polyclonal anti-tetanus.

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