Dissolving cephalosporin

Ng Ee Ling 93462067 at comet.np.ac.sg
Fri Oct 13 22:04:22 EST 1995

Hi everyone,

	I'm trying to dissolve cephalosporin ( zinc salt ) for B-lactamase
activity. From a friend, she suggested adding a few drops of acetic acid to
the cephalosporin mixture. I added about 4 drops and it works. However, the
pH of the phosphate which I used for dissolving the cephalosporin dropped
from 7.0 to 2.3 and the enzyme activity was affected.

	Can someone tell if I could use a buffer of higher pH or changed the
buffer to one that has higher buffering capacity, like Tris-HCl ? Or are
there any better way to dissolve cephalosporin ( zinc salt ) without
increasing the autohydrolysis rate and affecting the enzyme activity ? Is
there any published article supporting the above method ?

	Thanx! Hope to hear from anyone from anywhere. Bye!

					Luv, Ee Ling

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