Prostate Infection

Ld W. Baldwin eirikr1 at ix.netcom.com
Sat Oct 14 10:20:53 EST 1995

In <czsDGFoEF.I5u at netcom.com> czs at netcom.com (Christian Smith) writes: 
>Anyone have any experience with treating or know which bacteria are
>usually involved?

Well, I occasionally have a flareup of prostosis, (as opposed to
prostitis, which is very similar, and has the same initial symptoms),
caused by an intracellular bacteria. I was informed by a medical
student that the bacteria in question was a chlamydia variant, but I
cannot vouch for second hand information. It's controlled well enough
with low level (i.e. doxycycline,tetracycline) anti-biotics. Sorry if
I'm not being very scientific, but I'm posting as a patient, not a

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