P. acne enumeration techniques?

Mark S. Strom strom at listeria.nwfsc.noaa.gov
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melissalen at aol.com (MelissaLen) wrote:
>Good Evening Follow Microbiologists,
>I am currently working on a project to determine the concentration of P.
>acne on the skin before and after washing.  I have tried Rodac plates with
>Reinforced Clostridial Agar but all my plates were TNTC.  I have also done
>some swabbing with PBS but it is hard to get a known area without a
>template that may get contaminant.  I also need to know if there is quick
>and easy techniques for ID P.acne.  I have ordered the bacteriophage to it
>but have not start that part yet.

Boy does this bring back memories......

I suggest you do a serious literature review on skin microflora,
especially between the years 1976-1985.  There's a lot of stuff that
was published on persistence of P. acnes and others, over time, after
washing, etc.  This includes culturing techniques and quantitation.

One author to look up is Charles A. Evans, from the University of 
Washington, who did a lot of this.  Here's a few to start with:

Evans, C. A., and M. S. Strom.  1982.  Eight year persistence of 
individual differences in the bacterial flora of the forehead. J.
Invest. Dermatol.  79:  51-52.

Author:        Evans-C-A.  Mattern-K-L.
Title:         The aerobic growth of Propionibacterium acnes in primary
               cultures from skin.
Source:        J-Invest-Dermatol.  1979 Feb.  72(2).  P 103-6.

Author:        Mattern-K-L.  Evans-C-A.  Lara-J-C.
Title:         Selective antibacterial action of 2-mercaptoethanol on
               propionibacteria in skin cultures.
Source:        Appl-Environ-Microbiol.  1979 Jan.  37(1).  P 177-9.

Author:        Evans-C-A.  Stevens-R-J.
Title:         Differential quantitation of surface and subsurface
               bacteria of normal skin by the combined use of the cotton
               swab and the scrub methods.
Source:        J-Clin-Microbiol.  1976 Jun.  3(6).  P 576-81.

Good luck.

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