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Gerald Pier gpier at warren.med.harvard.edu
Tue Oct 10 13:41:17 EST 1995

In article <44ui6c$4me at epsilon.qmw.ac.uk>, "S.K.Sangar"
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> Dear All,
> I am a 4th year Medical Student from the London Hospital Medical College, 
> Whitechapel, London. Recently I have begun a project on Group B 
> stretococci i.e. Strep. agalactiae. Is there anyone out there who is 
> researching into this bug? I would be particularly interested in hearing 
> from anyone who has information on the pathogenesis of Strep. agalactiae 
> and especially information on vaccination for this bug. I would be very 
> grateful if you could contact me, even if you can only point me in the 
> right direction. In expectation of your Email,
> S.K.Sangar ( Bob )
> sksangar at lhmc.ac.uk
> London Hospital Medical College
Much research from our lab (although not me).  All of it headed by Dr.
Dennis L. Kasper.  Do a literature search on his name and streptococcus
and you'll get tons of information.  (Note: he has a brother, Lloyd, who
works on trypanosomes so don't get confused)

Jerry Pier
Channing Lab
Harvard Medical School

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