Biofilm characterization by tetrazolium salts

Dr Barbara Evans evansb at cf.ac.uk
Tue Oct 10 09:13:15 EST 1995

We are a research group working in oral microbiologi at University of
 Milan (ITALY).
Does anyone have some experience about microbial biomass quantitative
evaluation in biofilms ?
 We are trying to differentiate and quantify bacteria in dental plaque
using tetrazolium salts.
May be do it determining the differents formazans producted starting
from a unique tetrazolium salts ?

> >
> > I know Dr Mike Wilson at the Insitute for Dental Research, 256 Gray's Inn
> > Road, London knows about this. It might be worth contacting him.
> >
> > Julian Wimpenny, sabjw at Cardiff.ac.uk

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