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an268 at torfree.net (Alex Chang) wrote:
>	Help:  Does anyone know any book or places on the internet that I 
>could  find out about the classification or types of fimbriae?  I looked 
>through quite a few textbooks, but I couldn't find any articles on it.  
>From what I know, there is at least 5 types of known fimbriae.  I would 
>like to find out the morphology, hemagglutination, examples of species 
>for each type of these frimbriae.  If anyone has any leads, please respond.
(shameless plug...)
Here's a reference to  a review on type IV pili (fimbriae):

Strom, M. S., and S. Lory. 1993.  Structure-function and biogenesis of
 the type IV pili.  Annu. Rev. Microbiol. 47:565-96.  

(You can view the abstract at 

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