Public Health Microbiologists??????

Bryan Kiehl b3748 at cts.com
Mon Oct 9 09:27:35 EST 1995

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   niteflwr at aol.com (Niteflwr) wrote:
>Does anybody know if any states besides California offer positions and/or
>internships/training  for Public Health Microbiologists?  If anyone knows
>the answer to this please send e-mail to Niteflwr at aol.com.  Thanks in

A Master's in Public Health (MPH) is available through publich health schools. 
 For the laboratory scientist, the speciality is usually called Laborabory 
Practice, but there are several specialization areas. There is approximately 
25-30 public health schools. Off the top, check with Berkelely, University of 
Michigan, Yale, Johns Hopkins.

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