Public Health Microbiologists??????

Walter Ogston ogston at HOBBES.KZOO.EDU
Sat Oct 7 20:14:04 EST 1995

Niteflowr at aol.com asks:
> Does anybody know if any states besides California offer positions and/or
> internships/training  for Public Health Microbiologists?  If anyone knows
> the answer to this please send e-mail to Niteflwr at aol.com.  Thanks in
> advance.
Contact the American Society for Microbiology: 

traininginformation at asmusa.org  <workshops and audioconferences>
Fellowships-CareerInformation at asmusa.org

BTW in this part of cyberspace it is accepted practise to sign
your real name to e-mail.  I would not normally bother to reply
to an anonymous message, but I am feeling kind just now.   
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