World baker's yeast production

Roy Goodacre rrg at aber.ac.uk
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In article <44unpt$el at ixnews5.ix.netcom.com> burnt at ix.netcom.com (James Hoeltgen) writes:

>In <448umo$qv2 at fileserv.aber.ac.uk> dbk at aber.ac.uk (Douglas B. Kell)
>>I would have assumed that this would have been an easy number to
>>get hold of, but despite asking a number of folk who themselves
>>thought it would be easy to find out, no joy. So.........
>>who has a recent reference to the world production of baker's
>>yeast (for baking/eating directly) in tonnes p.a., and what is it?
>>Email answers fine.
>>Many thanks,

>As the past manager of a bakers yeast plant you are right it is an easy
>number to get a hold of.  Ask a manufacturer.

What an incredibly unhelpful chap you are James.

I stongly suspect that Prof. Kell would have phoned a manufacturer if he had a 
reliable source, one of course who didn't ask his manager for the reference 
number.  Perhaps as you think it is such 'an easy number to get hold of' you 
would do the honours and provide it.  

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