Louis Geller lgeller at csulb.edu
Thu Oct 5 17:53:32 EST 1995

	Seven weeks ago, my fiancee died from superior sagittal sinus 
thrombosis (a rare, fatal blood clot).  It appears as though an ear 
infection may have been a significant contributing factor.
	Eileen was only 24 years old.  She had headaches for about 3 
weeks.  During this time, she was diagnosed with an ear infection.  She 
took amoxicillin for 10 days, as prescribed.  Her headaches worsened, so 
we went to the ER at UCLA.  The doctor did a CT scan, spinal tap, and 
a neurological exam. All were fine.  He said Eileen had either cluster or 
migraine headaches, and sent her home.  A day and a half later, she had a 
seizure.  She never recovered, and was pronounced brain dead.  Needless 
to say, I am having a very rough time with this.  
	My motives are to make people aware that an ear infection can be 
very serious.  Nowadays, we hear of antibiotic resistance.  I wonder if 
this was involved.  
	I hear that this type of clot is very rare, but have yet to get a 
straight answer, regarding how many people are afflicted with it.  I 
would like to know.
	Also, Eileen was on oral contraceptives, which are said to 
increase the risk.
	PLEASE, PLEASE be careful.  If you have an ear infection, get it 
checked, and take your medication as directed.  Do Not Fool Around.  This 
is becoming a serious problem!!!  
	I am a graduate student in cell/molecular biology.  I also teach 
a general microbiology lab course.  Please tell me if you know anything 
about this condition, or if you have any information/thoughts about the 
infection, its treatment, or resistance to antibiotics.  Information does 
help me to deal with this absolute tragedy. 
	Please post here, or send me a note. My e-mail is: lgeller at csulb.edu.
	Thanks again.

	Louis Geller, Devastated Fiancee.

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