World baker's yeast production

James Hoeltgen burnt at ix.netcom.com
Wed Oct 4 14:37:33 EST 1995

In <448umo$qv2 at fileserv.aber.ac.uk> dbk at aber.ac.uk (Douglas B. Kell)
>I would have assumed that this would have been an easy number to
>get hold of, but despite asking a number of folk who themselves
>thought it would be easy to find out, no joy. So.........
>who has a recent reference to the world production of baker's
>yeast (for baking/eating directly) in tonnes p.a., and what is it?
>Email answers fine.
>Many thanks,

As the past manager of a bakers yeast plant you are right it is an easy
number to get a hold of.  Ask a manufacturer.

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