E. coli?

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Wed Oct 4 00:14:05 EST 1995

     In our hospital micro lab, we don't use EMB, but MacConkey's instead,
so I can't help you with that part. But I * have* seen Citrobacter look
very similar to Ecoli , both on MAC, and on some commercial ID systems. I
have also seen some pretty mucoid Ecoli's.  Try repeating the biochemical
tests- preferably with a different ID system. Watch how your system
interprets some of the biochemicals - some color changes can be subtle.
Double-check your Indole, Citrate, ONPG, and decarboxylase reactions.
Don't be afraid to question your ID system - it's not God, and the bugs
don't always "know" how they're supposed to react - no one ever told them
there was going to be a test.;)  Just this week, our system told me I had 
99.9% Pseudomonas cepacia, but I *knew*  it was really Xanthomonas
maltophilia - my nose knew better than than the machine, and I eventually
proved it!  Micro is more or less like a good detective novel. Enjoy!   
How about some input from those with more letters after their names than

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