E. coli?

stujohnsoama at SPOCK.COLSF.EDU stujohnsoama at SPOCK.COLSF.EDU
Tue Oct 3 15:39:45 EST 1995

We are currently working on a project to isolate various bacteria from the 
human body.  In doing this, we isolated a species in the family Enterobacter-
acea from the anal region.  When grown on EMB agar the colonies displayed a 
pink color.  They were also mucoid-looking.  The plate was incubated at body
temperature for two days.  Our problem is that when we ran the Biolog GN micro-
plate tests for this bacteria, the similarity to Esherichia coli was a whopping
96%. Why didn't our colonies on the EMB plate display the characteristic green
sheen normally seen from E. coli?  We were hoping that someone out there has
experienced a similar inconsistency.  If you have also isolated the species 
E. coli on EMB and it has not shown the green metallic sheen normally observed
PLEASE let us know.  Also if you know why, we would also like to hear from you.
Any information is greatly appreciated and will be mentioned in our write-up.
Thank you (in advance) for any information on our E. coli you can send us!!!!
E-mail the address above or post any information here!!!  Thanks so much!!
                                       Amanda Johnson
                                       Candice Goy
                                       David Catalino

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