Purchasing from storerooms

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Tue Oct 3 10:40:19 EST 1995

We are soliciting comments from researchers who obtain molecular biology
products from central storerooms operated by their organization.  We have
been retained by a group of leading commercial suppliers to explore the
important role played by storerooms in life science research centers. 
Research centers are faced by the dual challenges of holding down costs
while ensuring that investigators have full access to new technologies and
products.  Storerooms (also referred to as "core facilities" or "central
supply facilities") help achieve these goals through better purchasing
practices and more efficient inventory management.  Over the next eight
weeks, we will be interviewing dozens of storeroom managers to fully
understand their needs, requirements and expectations of their suppliers. 
The sponsors of this study believe this information will enable them to
better support your storerooms and make life easier for storeroom managers
who will no longer have to answer the same questions time and time again. 
Our study, however, would not be complete if it overlooked the concerns of
end-users as they relate to purchasing from storerooms.

If you have any comments or experiences regarding storeroom practices
affecting price, availability, packaging or storage, please forward them
via e-mail to Karen Blaine at BIOINFO @ aol.com.  BioInformatics is a
business research firm located in Bethesda, MD, phone (301) 961-1985 or
fax (301) 657-9776.  Thank you.

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