operons in bacteria

Kenneth K. Lee kklee at primenet.com
Mon Nov 27 21:00:08 EST 1995


this is Margaret and I am currently taking an AP biology course in high school.
We just concluded a lab on forming a bioluminescant colony of e. coli
that is resistant to pennicilin, specifically ampicillin...
In the lab, lux operon was added to some e.coli mixtures. The operon
caused the bacteria colonies to glow... My question is why did this
occur and how does the lux operon operate?
Our textbook discusses other operons such as the lac operon, but does
not mention the lux operon.
If you have any information whatsoever on the lux operon, I would greatly
appreciate it if you could write to me at:

			kklee at primenet.com

Thank you so much!


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