Thermotoga maratima

Dave Edgell dedgell at ac.dal.ca
Mon Nov 27 09:46:27 EST 1995

dasnyder at uci.edu (David Snyder) wrote:
>Any information on phylogenic trees for Thermotoga maratima out there?  I
>notice a paucity of information about this very interesting bacterium that
>would be good for evolutionary studies... this is why the cross-posting,
>hope no-one minds.
>David Snyder


The 16S rRNA has been sequenced from Thermotoga which places this
organism near the base of the eubacteria.  A few other genes have
been sequenced but none as phylogenetically useful as rRNA.  Check
out any publication by Woese or cronies for a tree which shows
where Thermotoga branches.

Cheers,  Dave

dedgell at ac.dal.ca

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